Digital Study Material Package is online learning courses of TestUrSelf which is based on Read – Learn – Practice – Excel concept. This course aims to develop strong foundation with concise, relevant and easy to understand study material.
Key Features:
  • You will get Fresh study materials for each topic.
  • Comprehensive coverage of theory focusing concepts.
  • Each chapter has Student’s Online Assignment to accoutre aspirants with good level of questions and prepare them for neck to neck competition.
  • Conclusion of each chapter with summary for quick revision.
Frequently Asked Questions:
What is the Study Materials?
Comprehensive coverage of theory focussing on GATE.
What are the things I will benefited after buying it?
The benefits are listed below as:
  • You can read it online on Laptop, mobile.
  • You can take online Assignment for each topic.
  • You will get glossary for each section.
Can I share it with my friends after buying it?
Absolutely NOT, As, we have implemented many security features which help us in keeping track of how the course is being used. Detecting IP address location, number of logins, number of times watched, these all things have helped us in blacklisting certain accounts.
What action we took?
  • Course immediately cancelled without refund
  • penalized with 3 times of the course amount
  • necessary legal action taken.
So, the person who bought the course from him/her paid the money for nothing, because the course got blocked and the one who sold it faced legal and financial troubles.
For how much time can I access question bank?
Study Materials is valid till for GATE Exam from the date of purchase.